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Getting New Client Phone Calls

Our app makes advertising simple. You can choose to either maximize calls based on your monthly advertising budget or set a target cost per call.

You can also select your geographic region(s), hours of operation, and so much more. You can even run your current mass tort TV commercial on the Malbis app.

Your Phone Will Ring

Malbis runs TV commercials in hundreds of places. When a potential client sees a commercial and calls the 800 number, our smart routing technology uses a round robin weighting system to send the new client directly to your phone number in real-time.

Use Our TV Commercial

You do not need a TV commercial to start receiving new client calls today! Our smart routing phone wizardry routes calls to many buyers from the same TV commercial’s 800 number. Just add your local or toll-free phone number to the Malbis app and we’ll make it ring (all day long).

Ready to start?

Get started with free personalized support. Create your custom ad campaign with a Malbis TV calls expert.

Use Your Commercial or Ours. Get Free Calls For a Week

Get up to a $1,000 credit in your first week when you purchase TV calls for your practice. No TV commercial is necessary (use ours for free and we’ll do all the work). We’ll credit your account for your first week’s calls just for trying out our TV media buying app.