Our brand got a face lift. It's the same high converting TV calls, just a new look.
TV Leads are plentiful with Malbis
Malbis charges you only when a call comes through the line and rings your cell phone. There's no need to pre-pay for expensive TV advertising that may or may not work. Only pay for the calls you receive - what a concept.
Save the Cords
Our TV commercials generate thousands of inbound calls for insurance agents and law firms each week, all from a population of people who haven’t cut their TV cords.
TV Calls are the best leads
We call it the 800 pound phone. When a consumers watches a TV commercial, it takes A LOT of effort to pick up a phone and call an 800 number. But that's also why our calls are so, so good.

Malbis is a well-oiled media buying and attribution team.

Our services are used in the realm of direct response advertising, namely in the verticals listed in the navigation bar above. We humbly consider ourselves to be the leader, the best of the best, in generating inbound calls from TV.

What is Attribution?

Without the in-house tech and workflow processes that is attribution, Malbis would be just another boring ad agency try its best to add perceived value at every sales opportunity.

Instead, our attribution model keeps us honest to our client’s bottom line by aligning our entire organization as more of a marketing fiduciary entity than an advertising agency. Further, most of our internal application development is purposed upon attributing success and failure at a level more granular than similar platforms. Our obsession to perfect the trait of attribution could be the single-most important contributor to the growing rise of Malbis.

Mass Tort Attorney Consumer Engagement

In addition to the health & insurance spaces, mass tort attorney consumer engagement is also in our marketing wheelhouse.

Unlike local personal injury attorneys who take a shotgun blast approach to marketing, our approach to engaging consumers via TV is based on data-driven decisions, more like a missle-through-the-window than a shotgun.

Law Firms Across America Trust Our Ability to Help Find New Cases for Their Practices.

Malbis owns and operates the “Negligence Network” brand. Over the past 3 years, the brand has generated thousands of cases worth millions of dollars to top law firms across the nation.

If your law firm needs high-converting calls from TV commercials, call us now and get your first 10 calls for free.


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