Camp Lejeune TV Calls

If your law firm needs more Camp Lejeune clients, call us at 1-800-500-3222. All you need is a phone number to start getting new client calls.

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Mass Tort &Personal
Injury TV Leads

Our “Negligence Network” TV commercials generate thousands of inbound calls for personal injury and mass tort law firms every week. When a potential client sees one of our TV commercials and calls the 800 number, the Malbis app automatically forwards the call directly to your law firm.

Choose to get calls from our “Negligence Network” branded commercial, or use your own.

You can choose to only pay when you receive a call (think “lead”), or you can choose to “Maximize Calls” and get the most calls possible within your monthly advertising budget. Either way, it’s as simple as adding your phone number to the Malbis app.

Why choose TV Ads?

Three Reasons to Choose Malbis


Get Calls from
TV Commercials

Create an automated TV campaign that feels like you’re using Facebook Ads or Google Adwords.

Use our pre-built TV commercials to start getting calls right now. Or use your own commercial and add more tort calls to your current TV efforts.


TV Calls Outperform Google Search and Facebook Ads

With web leads, you’re lucky to get 1 in 3 leads on the phone. And you waste a lot of time on the phone just trying to make contact.

With Malbis TV calls, your contact rate is always 100%, making TV calls 3x’s more efficient (and valuable) than web leads. And we never resell leads – once a lead is sold, it’s yours for life.


TV Advertising

With Malbis, there’s no need to pre-pay for expensive TV ads that may or may not work.

You can choose to only pay when a call comes in to your business or take a more aggressive approach and choose to maximize calls based on your monthly advertising budget.

Ready to start?

Get started with free personalized support. Create your custom ad campaign with a Malbis TV calls expert.

Use Your Commercial or Ours. Get Free Calls For a Week

Get up to a $1,000 credit in your first week when you purchase TV calls for your practice. No TV commercial is necessary (use ours for free and we’ll do all the work). We’ll credit your account for your first week’s calls just for trying out our TV media buying app.