Frequently Asked Questions


Absolutely. If you already have a TV commercial and would like to use our platform to buy TV advertising, email us at and we’ll walk you through the setup process.

The Malbis app sends calls to attorneys in a round robin weighting model. This allows many law firms to receive calls from one TV commercial. The weighting model considers many factors when determining which law firm to send a call to. Factors include your “maximize calls” setting, call bid price, geographic location, time of day, and a few other variables.

We only sell a call (think “lead”) one time. When a call comes in from a TV airing, you buy it and it’s yours and only yours. We’re big on lead quality and this small perk is what separates us from the competition.

Get calls from our pre-built commercials with zero upfront costs. You can use our app to add your business to a round robin rotation to receive calls from currently airing TV commercials that fit your business model. Using this method, you can spend as little as $500 a week or as much as $500k a week.

Call us at 1-800-500-3222 to add your business to the Malbis app or email us at

Inbound calls from TV commercials outperform web leads, hands down. With web leads, you’re lucky to get 1 in 3 leads on the phone. With Malbis TV calls, your contact rate is always 100%, making TV calls 3x’s more efficient than web leads

It’s your choice. Create an account and choose the type of call you want. Then either choose to get the most calls for your budget OR choose the amount you’d like to bid on a call. Our app will look at your bid price, budget, business hours and a few more things to determine how and when to send calls to your business.

You do not need a TV commercial to use Malbis. When you create a campaign, we’ll add you to our smart router to start receiving calls from currently airing TV commercials.

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Get started with free personalized support. Create your custom ad campaign with a Malbis TV calls expert.

Use Your Commercial or Ours. Get Free Calls For a Week

Get up to a $1,000 credit in your first week when you purchase TV calls for your practice. No TV commercial is necessary (use ours for free and we’ll do all the work). We’ll credit your account for your first week’s calls just for trying out our TV media buying app.