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Vehicle Accidents

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Motor Vehicle

Malbis runs a nationwide motor vehicle accident campaign. Law firms provide their area code and we use it to route new client calls to their office. There are still a lot of zip codes available to participate in the national MVA campaign. 

18 Wheeler – Commercial Trucking

With more companies utilizing ground shipping than ever before, US highways are seeing more accidents involving semi-trucks, tractor trailers, and big rigs than ever before. Wrecks involving 18-wheelers and larger trucks are more prone to catastrophic injury or death. 

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Riders are ingrained in the fabric of the motorcycle community because they have a passion for riding and are always committed to being by your side. Riders trust our motorcycle lawyers because we have motorcycle related experience and knowledge to help you obtain fair compensation for your pain and suffering.

Every motorcycle accident case is unique and we’re here to help your firm grow its motorcycle accident cases with group TV advertising.

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DUI Accident Victims

If your firm helps DUI accident victims, then let our agency help you get more of these highly valued cases. There couldn’t be a more noble case to bring in negligence law greater than a case against a drunk driver who injured an innocent person. Your geographic area may still be available – claim it now for free.

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Hispanic – All Accidents

Do you have bi-lingual attorneys? Although fairly new, our Hispanic MVA TV spots run nationwide and attract high-intent Hispanic motor vehicle accident callers.

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