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Diabetic Testing Supplies

DTS is a relatively small niche that we’ve uncovered over the years. If you’re responsible for supplying a DTS call center with leads and inbound calls, look no further. Malbis has years of experience in driving inbound calls from TV commercials from diabetic patients who are looking for testing supplies.

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DME / Braces

To say that a company is a leader in a certain field is a big statement, one that shouldn’t be tossed around lightly. Knowing this, we’re confident in claiming that we’ve ran the largest DME ad campaign in the history of DME. Our campaign is able to generate thousands of calls each week for braces, all from patients with either Medicare or private insurance.

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It’s no secret that driving quality rehab leads can be tough. But when the going gets tough in advertising, the tough get Malbis. TV is by far the way to go when generating rehab leads due to the 800lb phone effect. Since very few people pick up the phone to respond to rehab offers, the ones that do call are ready for action.

If you’re set up to accept inbound calls for rehab with a national footprint, let’s talk soon. It’s not a cheap proposition, but it’s a profitable one.

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Debt Relief

Student loan consolidation and payday loan debt relief and two debt verticals that we still work with. Although a national footprint is preferred, we can work with call centers that accept 35+ states.

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Tax Relief

This is one of our all-time favorites. Tax debt call centers love these calls because they convert, period. Choose from inbound calls, 100% originated from TV commercials, or go the web lead route and get leads from organic search results. Either way, you can bet that your tax relief call center will be in the money when partnering with Malbis for sales growth.

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