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If your firm has done well with Zantac, you’re going to really like metformin. The metformin tort is similar in scope to Zantac in that both medications contained excessive levels of NDMA, a known cancer-causing agent. When TV viewers see our “Negligence Network” commercial for metformin, they will call an 800 number that routes the call directly to your law firm.

Get in while the call prices are still low and volume is through the roof.

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To drive Zantac / ranitidine calls, we use our go-to Negligence Network brand and run TV spots on time-proven stations at low rates. Doing so allows us to generate inbound calls for less and pass on the savings to your firm.

Callers view a TV commercial that pre-qualifies them by asking if they’ve taken Zantac or ranitidine and have had certain types of cancer within the past few years. This is one of our more popular offers and, with a lot of call volume to spread, you can jump right in and start taking calls within a day or two. And don’t forget to ask for your first 10 calls for free.

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Although Roundup has been around for a while, we are still able to generate calls that result in an affordable cost per case. The quality of our Roundup tv calls is just as good as when the tort was brand new.

If your firm can place Roundup cases, call us and we’ll give you 10 free leads just for trying out our service.

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Our longest running tort, aside from meso, would be mesh. Our mesh spot directs TV viewers to call in if they have had a mesh surgery with complications.

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Partner up with Malbis to grow your asbestos lung cancer cases. Although it’s been around for a while, we still see a steady stream of profitable cases coming in from TV campaigns. Spots are fairly broad and do not specifically single out meso cases but instead target the larger asbestos lung cancer audience.

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Talcum cases have definitely seen a revival as of recently. The once popular mega tort faded away for a few years but has since seen a resurgence of sorts. If your firm is set up to process talc cases, call us now and ask for 10 talc calls from our TV commercials for free, no strings attached.

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Get in while the call prices are still low
and volume is through the roof

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