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Final Expense Insurance

For over 4 years, Malbis has been the leader in direct-to-consumer consumer engagement in the final expense insurance vertical. Our “Senior Legacy Life” brand is prominent on national networks skewed ages 50-75 years old. And as our audience grows year-over-year, so has our reach within the space.

Insurance agencies in the final expense niche trust Malbis as their primary, go-to source for new policy acquisition.

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Auto Insurance

While other direct-to-consumer agencies chase low value, high-turnover SR-22 consumers, we take the high ground. Malbis’s “Senior Auto Helpline” brand helps agencies and carriers write thousands of auto insurance policies each year. Further, more than 90% of our customers represent premium policyholders; that is, adults who are over 50, have had insurance without issue for years, and have less attrition issues than their SR-22 counterparts.

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Health Insurance

Few people can drive high converting health insurance calls like we can, 100% inbound from our branded TV commercials. It’s a no-risk proposition – only pay for the health insurance calls you accept. These aren’t people looking for Obamacare either. We target folks who watch daytime TV and are genuinely interested in buying a healthcare policy for their family, looking to spend $400+ per month on said policy. That’s probably why we have a hard time keeping under 65 health insurance calls on the shelf.

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Dental Insurance

Our Bright Idea Medicare + Dental TV brand drives high-converting calls for both dental insurance and Medicare Advantage simultaneously. And because the spot’s response rate is higher than standard Medicare Advantage offers, our MA buyers enjoy a quality TV call in the $60’s, about half of the going rate for an MA TV call.

Try your hand at converting Bright Idea calls to MA apps. And don’t forget to call us and ask for 10 free calls.

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Medicare Advantage

Our primary revenue driver lies in the consumer acquisition side of over 65 Medicare Advantage accounts. Through in-house proprietary software development combined with efficient TV and mail operations, we’ve re-invented cost-efficient and scalable methods to reach the ever-growing over 65 market.

Choose from inbound calls that specifically target the age-in, “turning 65” population or the general over 65 population. Expect conversion rates for turning 65 calls to be around 30% (not a typo).

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