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The landscape of health insurance is ever-changing. Since the inception of the ACA, enrollment periods have been enacted and subsequently shrunken, while historically Medicare-oriented call centers have slowly adapted in making room for the sales in the individual marketplace.

Market forces and drivers are in play now more than ever, as are politics. More unanswered questions abound now relative to the entire history of the ACA. A few of the questions that we might foreshadow are: “if/when will monthly premiums increase?”, “will subsidies to insurers disappear?”, “will insurers stop paying commissions to brokers (in violation of the ACA)?”, and “how will the current administration let the ACA implode?”.

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The preceding questions are relevant and important to anyone or any entity that has an interest in selling health insurance. If your business may be impacted, let’s talk. We promise not to sell you any consulting services or charge hidden fees. Feel free to pick our brains and we’ll do the same.

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